Gordon Ramsay’s Espresso Crème Brûlée w/ Vanilla Bean

Lots of research has led us to 3 “perfect” crème brûlée s. This was our first try, using Gordon Ramsay’s “perfect” recipe. However, in our eyes, it isn’t perfect without vanilla bean, so we added 1 seeded vanilla bean in to this recipe. Also, since I’m allergic to dairy (no, not lactose intolerant - allergic), we tried 2 batches of this recipe with 2 different dairy substitutes: soymilk cream and coconut milk. The coconut was a clear winner! We also found that leaving the crème brûlée to sit in the fridge for a day or two allowed it to dry out and form the best custard consistency. Overall, it was “okay,” but it was also my first attempt at crème brûlée. Next time, it’s Anthony Bourdain’s “perfect” crème brûlée attempt. For now, here is Gordon Ramsay’s recipe:
Chef: the gf.
PS, every household needs a kitchen torch ;)


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